Zizyphus (Sidr)- The Cleansing Conditioner without Color Change

Learn how to cleanse and condition your hair with Zizyphus

Zizyphus (Sidr)- The Cleansing Conditioner without Color Change

Zizyphus Spina Christi tree is one of 40 Zizyphus species also known as Jujube and Sidr. These spiny shrubs or thorny trees are grown in Iran, Northern and Eastern Africa, as well as, Southern Asia.  Zizyphus Spina-Christi trees have very nutritious fruits and flowers that are a source of honey in Yemen and Eritrea.


In Chinese medicine, Zizyphus is hailed to be one of the most sedative plants used; being the primary ingredient in many formulas that are geared towards insomnia, including night sweats, anxiety, and irritability. Zizyphus has also been used to treat such symptoms as:

•    anxiety

•    asthma

•    diarrhea

•    fatigue

•    fever

•    high blood pressure

•    inflammation

•    stress

•    liver health

•    promote wound healing

•    reduce wrinkles and age spots

In current pharmaceutical studies, Zizyphus has revealed antifungal, antibacterial, antinociceptive (stops the sensation of pain), anti-cancer (inhibits cancer cells and causes cell death), antioxidant (kills free radicals that destroy our DNA), antidiabetic, antiplasmodial (kills parasite such as those that cause malaria), anti-schistosomiasis (fights disease from parasitic worms), analgesic (pain killer) and anticonvulsant (prevents seizures) activities.

Hair Benefits

With such an array of herbal options for cleansing the hair, Zizyphus powder is truly unique, offering both cleansing and conditioning properties. The Zizyphus leaves are harvested, dried and ground into a powder. This powder contains a plant wax that contains mucilage and saponins. The major saponin found in these leaves is Chritinin-A. This natural detergent gently cleans the skin and hair and provides anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties to the hair and scalp. The mucilage then gently coats the hair strand providing a light waxy layer that seals in the moisture and adds volume to your hair. It protects the hair from saltwater, wind, friction and dirt. The wax contains fatty acids, primary and secondary alcohols (the goods kind), alkanes, phenols, and diols- all things nourishing for your hair. Zizyphus is beneficial to those with fine, thin, or fragile hair, and for anyone looking for the benefits of henna without any color change.


Please note, the plant wax has a similar molecular structure as latex, and some people who are allergic to latex may be sensitive to Zizyphus. If you are allergic to latex, patch test first!

After Zizyphus application, the hair will be fluffy for a day or two followed by thick, shiny, voluminous hair in the following days. Now let’s learn how to mix and apply Zizyphus powder for maximum benefits.

Zizyphus powder can be applied ever 4-6 weeks. Have you ever used Zizyphus Powder?