Meet Our Founder and CEO
Michelle Prince
Michelle started the brand NowIamNappy as a way to share her knowledge and expertise of natural hair and help other women accept and LOVE their natural hair community. Michelle started her natural hair journey in 2008 with a big chop that shook her family and friends. Despite the negative comments about her short "nappy" hair, and her own apprehension of how to care for her natural hair and problematic scalp, she went on a journey to find not only what would work for her hair but of self-acceptance. It wasn't long before her hair began to flourish, and people's comments turned into "how did you grow your hair?" In 2010, Michelle decided to create a Youtube channel sharing her hair experiences and experiments, especially focused on a holistic approach to care for her eczema flareups on her scalp and skin, this started the creation of the brand NowIamNappy.
After a mini break to finish her education, Michelle revamped her Youtube in 2018 to a more science based approach to hair care, sharing DIY hair recipes and teaching about Ayurvedic and African herbs and their powerful medicinal benefits to grow, heal and nurture the scalp.
During the pandemic, many of her subscribers requested some of her products be turned into a hair line. With a background in chemistry, this fueled Michelle's passion and desire to create and sell products focused on Ayurvedic and African herbs and create her hair care line that not only helps keep curls and kinks hydrated but also helps maintain the health of the scalp.