Moroccan Red Clay- The Gentle Exfoilater

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Moroccan Red Clay- The Gentle Exfoilater


Have you heard of Moroccan red clay- not to be confused with Moroccan Rhassoul (Ghassoul) clay nor with Bentonite clay? Moroccan red clay is a unique clay, with a silky texture and contains dolomite, silica, ferric oxide, and mineral oxides. The high iron oxide content gives the clay its red color and lightly stain countertops and or light-colored hair.

How to use Moroccan Red Clay?

Red clay powder is popular for facial masks and is great for acne-prone and dry sensitive skin. It also contains cleansing and exfoliating properties that help heal inflamed skin. It can re-balance, dry, flaky skin, reduce sensitivity, and improve skin’s texture and elasticity. Red clay also detoxifies and improves blood circulation, absorbs oils and impurities and stimulates the skin. This is one of the many reasons red clay is great for cleansing and healing your scalp and hair. Let’s look at some of these benefits a little more closely.

Blood Circulation

As the clay mask begins its drying phase, the blood flow is stimulated, increasing circulation to the area. When used on the skin and scalp, it unclogs toxins, dirt, and oils from pores allowing the skin to breathe, naturally detoxifying the skin supplying it with minerals and stimulating the hair follicles. 

Cell Regeneration

The red clay has natural astringent properties and can gently exfoliate dead skin cells on the skin and scalp helping to promote healthy cell regeneration. It can be used as a body scrub as well and works to reduce cellulite formation, acne, rough skin, and stretch marks. 


Moroccan red clay is gentle and helps reduce inflammation on the skin from scalp irritations like psoriasis and eczema. It helps to relieve pain from cramps and sore muscles. 

How do dolomite and silica impact your hair health?

  • Dolomite contains Magnesium and Calcium which helps to cleanse impurities, remove product buildup, and excess oil from pores and follicle and improve the skin's elasticity.

  • Silica is a natural exfoliant that gives hair a glossy sheen, helps to remove excess oil and condition the hair, defining curls and giving hair volume. Silica is also said to help produce more collagen which helps lower the rate of hair loss and increase hair's brightness.

DIY Clay Recipe

½ cup of Moroccan Red clay

 2 teaspoons vinegar

¼ to ½ cup warm water

1 tbsp Herbal Oil

Mix the clay, vinegar and warm water into the consistency of cake batter, making sure all he clumps have completely dissolved. Then add in your herbal oil and apply the mixture to your face and hair for 10-15 mins.

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