Bhringraj: King of Herbs

Bhringraj for Hair Loss and Hair Growth, come learn more inside.

Bhringraj: King of Herbs

When it comes to natural hair care treatments, and hair loss, bhringraj is the first herb to be recommended. It is one of the most distinguished herbs in ayurvedic medicine. Bhringraj literal translation is King of Hair.


Bhringraj or Eclipta alba belongs to the Asteraceae family and is commonly known as false daisy in English and bhringoraj or bhringraj in Bangladesh and India. In Ayurveda, bhringraj is said to promote hair growth, help prevent hair loss strengthen hair,effective against skin diseases and prevents graying.

  1. Treats Dandruff & Scalp Infections

Bhringraj oil has antimicrobial properties that help treat scalp infections and eruptions. Regular use of Bhringraj oil helps reducing scalp itchiness and inflammation of hair follicles. The oil treats the dry scalp issues like dandruff in a short span of time without any side effects on the hair health.

2. Boosts Hair Growth

Bhringraj oil has the capacity to absorb deep in the hair roots, strengthening them and controlling hair fall. The results are visible as soon as in 3 months time. Oiling your hair 1 hour before you wash your head, helps improve blood circulation which aids hair growth. Regular oiling with Bhringraj makes hair retain the moisture thereby reducing frizz and split ends.

3. Inhibits Pre-Mature Graying

Bhringraj oil promotes hair health and strengthens the hair shaft thereby inhibiting hair issues like pre-mature graying due to use of hair color, styling or otherwise. You can mix Amla powder and Bhringraj oil to create a hair mask and see the results.

Other Health Benefits of Bhringraj

  • Liver Detoxification-The bhringraj leaves are used in Ayurvedic medicine for its hepatoprotective propertieis. The juice from the leaves of the bhringraj (false daisy) plant are used as a liver tonic to fight liver disease and ailments. Some studies show that the herb may help with liver cell generation.

  • Alzheimers- A 2014 study found that when bhringraj was combined with ashwagandha (adaptogenic herb), it increased “mitochondrial activity” in the brains of rats that had Alzheimer’s induced in their brains.

  • Fight Skin Illnesses- Bhringraj is an anti-inflammatory, so when applied topically to skin it may help treat skin inflammation like psoriasis, dermatitis, and some forms of acne. In one study Bhringraj and other herbs has been shown to provide complete remission to 22.6% of patients with eczema with no reoccurence in 89.5% of patients.

  • Antidiabetic- of E. alba ethanolic extract has shown possible beneficial effects against hyperglycemia and diabetic nephropathy in diabetic rats

  • Anticancer-Juice obtained from E. alba was shown to inhibit the migration of (hepatocellular carcinoma) cells. In various human cancer cell lines of different tissue origins (liver, lung, and breast), the juice. Thus the plant has potential for preventing cancer metastasis

  • Anti-Malarial Activity- Methanol extracts of Bhringraj are said to kill 100% of larvicidal and ovicidal activities. Thus this plant could prove to be useful in combating malaria through its larvicidal and ovicidal activities.