5 Herbs that Wont Stain Grey Hair | Brighten Your Grey Strands

Learn which herbs to use on grey hair

5 Herbs that Wont Stain Grey Hair | Brighten Your Grey Strands

So you’ve read all about ayurvedic herbs on my blog post but you find that most of them stain your grey strands a yellow or brown color. Well today Im going to give you 5 herbs that dont stain grey hair and how to incorporate them in your regimen.


Aloe Vera- contains over 75 active ingredients including vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Its has healing, anti inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties that will soothe and nourish the scalp. The vitamin C helps enhance collagen synthesis and both the powder or the gel have powerful properties. Aloe Vera gel can be mixed in your deep conditioner, leave-in or spritz. The powder can be used in any herbal treatments toad more conditioning properties to the mix. https://youtu.be/BmL6xv88T4w

Sidr/ Ziziphus- is the perfect herb because it contains cleansing and conditioning properties. The plant’s saponins gently cleanse while the plant wax coats the hair shaft that seals in the moisture . Sidr also contains antifungal and antibacterial properties that heal that scalp. Learn how to make a hair mask using sidr powder and water. https://youtu.be/DOViWFwLO1w

Slippery Elm- contains a mucilage that is rich in compounds that provide the hair with calcium, amino acids, fatty acids, and iodine. The thick mucilage makes for a great detangler as it breaks down strand cohesion which is essential to those who may have wiry or coarse grey hair. The powder or slippery elm bark can be boiled down to produce a gel that can make a great detangler or leave in that is great for moisturizing dry strands. https://youtu.be/PsLCVgXicc4

Horsetail- horsetail extract can be boiled and made into a tea- this silica rich drink can stimulate and rejuvenate your hair. The selenium and cysteine are great for preventing free radicals that cause cell aging. The horsetail tea can be used as a hair rinse or as a daily leave-in. Don’t forget you can drink horsetail internally as a tea. (Always consult with your doctor before consuming any ayurvedic herbs.) https://youtu.be/BPGWFHuAsaw

Marshmallow root- has small concentrations of ceramide precursors, a natural hydrator, that helps with repairing the hair and skin carrier. When boiled, marshmallow root produces a mucilage that can bind to the proteins in the hair strand to make them look thicker. Marshmallow is similar to a plant-derived form of glycerine which acts as an emoillent that softens and moisturizes the hair. The plant gel it produces also makes a also a great detangler and conditioner for dry, wiry hair. The powder can be used in deep conditioners or leave-ins to moisturize the hair, also providing the hair with  phenolic acids, tannins, and quercetin. https://youtu.be/oof7XOPgm-0

Let me know in the comment sections how you’ve used these herbs. Check out the below products that contain these herbs that wont stain grey hair!